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Podcast Ad-Libs, Is It Worth Advertising on Podcasts? (Photo by Soundtrap on Unsplash)

Podcast Ad-Libs, Is It Worth Advertising on Podcasts?

There are many ways that you can use to build awareness of the brand or product you offer. One intriguing new platform is advertising on podcasts.

According to Spotify data, more than 20% of Spotify users in Indonesia listen to podcasts, and this number has already exceeded the average percentage of global podcast listeners. The listener of podcasts in Indonesia is the largest in Southeast Asia, you know?

Therefore, advertising on podcasts is a potential utilization to promote your products or businesses. Because as we know, where there is an audience, there is an advertisement, right? But what makes advertising on podcasts so interesting?

1. Podcasts Have a Loyal Audience

Podkesmas Indonesia’s best podcast PowerCommerce.Asia
The number of followers of the Podkesmas Instagram account has touched 70.1 thousand. (Source: instagram.com/podkesmas)

Reporting from IDNTimes, the results of a survey conducted on 2032 respondents stated that 43% of them are interested in listening to podcasts regularly.

Not surprisingly, Podkesmas, one of the most listened to podcasts in Indonesia, has reached episode 82 since it first aired in October 2019.

The podcast is a free platform that accessible on a smartphone or computer. That is one of the reasons that loyal listeners listen to podcasts.

Research from Midroll states that when loyal listeners listen to the whole podcast, they are more likely to buy the product advertised.

2. Ads on Podcasts Tend Not To Disturb

Ads tucked into Podcasts tend to be unobtrusive as they integrate into Pow Pow by PowerCommerce.Asia
Ads tucked into Podcasts tend to be unobtrusive as they integrate into Podcasts (Source: PowPow Podcast by PowerCommerce.Asia)

Do you like to hear advertisements or ad-libs on podcasts? It does not feel disturbing? Right, so far, three sections are used to insert advertisements, pre-roll (at the beginning of the podcast), mid-roll (in the middle of the podcast), and post-roll (at the end of the podcast).

Much like radio broadcasts, advertisements on podcasts are also neatly inserted between chats so that listeners do not feel disturbed. In fact, according to research conducted by comScore, podcast advertising is considered the least intrusive form of digital advertising.

3. No Ad-Blockers on Podcasts

There is no ad-blocker on the podcast to miss the ads it gets PowerCommerce.Asia
There is no ad-blocker on the podcast to miss the ads it gets (Photo by Paweł Czerwiński on Unsplash)

When you watch videos on YouTube or browsing on Google, how often do you close the display ads? Sometimes the advertisements that you receive are very annoying. Most of you will immediately close the ad or use additional plug-ins. Therefore you don’t find ads.

But in a podcast, the majority of advertisements or ad-libs are part of the podcast. Usually, the ad is inserted in the middle of the podcast very neatly and becomes part of the podcast. There is no way to block ads on a podcast. It is a valuable thing for brands that advertise, right?

What about you? Advertising on podcasts seems worth it and interesting, right? Are you ready to try advertising on a podcast? For more information click here and good luck! [PCA/Fahri] Translated by Nastri.